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Sandpoint Voted “Most Beautiful Small Town” by USA Today & Rand McNally

Rand McNally/USA Today-Most Beautiful Town 2011






The Best of the Road sponsored by Rand McNally and USA Today started by taking votes from across the country from readers and followers to see who should be in the final competition.

Sandpoint, Idaho made the top 6 to be included in the 3 week long tour across the country.  Read more about the selection and competition in the USA Today Travel section.

With Baker City, Oregon- Coral Gables, Florida – Franklin, Tennessee – Marco Island, Florida – &  Pacifica, California as the competition it was a tough field.  Sandpoint, Idaho took home the big prize for a multitude of reasons.

The first reason in my oppinion is, the town didn’t “fuss” over the judges.  They were given a number of adventures, locations, eateries and tour suggestions and let the judges, The McNavigators, make their own choices to their liking. That’s pretty much how it is here year round, no matter who you are.  It’s like going to your friends home and having them tell you to “make yourself at home”.

Second, the town and the surrounding beauty spoke for itself.

Third, the people.

In Sandpoint, the natural beauty isn’t the only draw.  It is the amazing people, from all backgrounds and places in the world.  The artists, musicians, business owners, tourists, Canadians, part-timers and full-timers. Everyone comes here for a little piece of their own “private Idaho” and that is what they get.

Congratulations Sandpoint…You Deserve the Title!